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Affectionately called "Ha Baseane" by the Basotho after John Thorn, who established Roma Trading Post in 1903 and lived here until his death in 1957.

Today the 4th generation of Thorns grow up in this scenic place among the rocky foothills of the Maloti Mountains. Donkeys are still herded daily to the store, bringing gain for grinding. Cattle and pigs and chickens roam freely among the blanket clad horsemen who come to shop at the Trading Post. Little it seems, has changed since " Baseane" arrived in 1903 to establish his base shop for pioneering his trade into the blue Maloti's.


Ramabanta Trading Post Adventures

Hidden deep in the mountains of the King of Lesotho, with spectacular views across the valley, Ramabanta Trading Post Lodge is the Ideal Location for the adventurer seeking the ultimate challenge in off-road trails or the traveller who wants the peace and tranquillity of trekking on horseback or hiking through the valleys and mountains of Lesotho. We offer charming en-suite rooms and provide delicious home-cooked meals.
Campers and backpackers are also welcome.


Roma Trading Post Lodge

In 1862 King Moshoeshoe allowed Father Gerard and his missionaries to settle in a vast amphitheatre in an area known today as the Roma Valley. Here Father Gerard established his first Catholic Mission in Lesotho.

The Roma valley is the most important educational centre in Lesotho, housing the National University of Lesotho, whose humble beginnings, the Pius xii College, date back to April 1945.

Roma today is also home to 3 seminaries, St Joseph's Hospital, two high schools and junior schools

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